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Quality-Environmental-HS Policy
  • Our main priority is to improve the quality of our products and services, through raising our standards further
  • Fulfilling customers' needs in the best possible way by correctly interpreting their expectations, remaining within the established quality management system in order to actualize these expectations timely and accurately
  • Senior management leading the development and preservation of an active and effective quality management system
  • By considering all our employees as the essence of our organization, conducting training activities in order to ensure their continuous development within their responsibilities and authorizations, establishing a consciousness of team-work
  • Adopting the concepts of continuous development and improvement in order to remain competitive, creating new sources within the bounds of possibility
  • Having the consciousness of managing our activities as processes, ensuring their comprehension and effective management, improving our efficiency
  • Analyzing the targets of our processes and ensuring their continuous improvement
  • By accepting our suppliers as one of us, supporting them to contribute in achieving our targets
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